About Positive Minds Australia

Welcome to Positive Minds Australia. We’re a proudly South Australian company, created to build confidence, resilience, social emotional intelligence and wellbeing for young people, their families, schools and organisations.

We provide services to develop the whole person in uniquely tailored ways that build from personal character strengths. We are a compassionate and inclusive service that meets each individual where they’re at and tailor a service to fit

With over twenty years experience in counselling, education and writing programs, Madhavi Nawana Parker and her team will work together with you to find the right solution for you and your family, school or organisation.

Positive Minds Australia specialises in knowledge, expertise and evidence based techniques that help build positive, resilient and socially-emotionally capable people.

Working with children and adults, we address the needs of young people, families, schools, health care and corporate settings.

Keynotes are delivered by dynamic speaker Madhavi Nawana Parker, Managing Director of Positive Minds Australia. Madhavi has addressed conferences and events all around Australia.

Social Emotional Literacy, Resilience and Mindset training programs for 5 — 18 year olds are offered to schools and community centres for young people. Led by Madhavi and her team of allied health and education professionals, these sessions use The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox, The Positive Mindset Curriculum and What’s the Buzz social-emotional literacy programs.

Individual Counselling sessions for 5-18 year olds in collaboration with their parents. Supporting children and young people with social skills training, mindset coaching and resilience building as well as counselling for children after separation.

Madhavi Nawana Parker has provided young people, families and schools with lifelong tools to develop resilience, confidence, wellbeing and social-emotional intelligence through counselling, professional development, parent workshops, online training, and an extensive range of published works for over 20 years. Madhavi is known in Australia and overseas, for her compassionate, strength-focused approach to improving mental health, confidence, resilience, and wellbeing.

Madhavi’s background includes studying Psychology and Rehabilitation Counselling at University, writing and teaching social skills programs at Autism SA and two decades of private practice working closely with young people, their families and schools. With a strong track record for equipping young people with confidence, emotional regulation tools and improved relationships with friends and family, Madhavi also brings these skills to leadership and executive teams, helping to improve their ability to manage stress, improve wellbeing and use of positive mindset in a workplace.

Madhavi is currently completing her PhD at Flinders University, is married with three children and lives in South Australia. Madhavi consults in Unley on a Wednesday and at other locations throughout the week.

Yet another wonderful CPD experience with Madhavi today. We are so lucky to have such an inspirational woman right here in Adelaide, championing the way to a more positive and kind future. A wealth of knowledge and experience!

Kate Ringvall

Paediatric Occupational Therapist, OTeam