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With a solid twenty year reputation for excellence in counselling, speaking, education and writing, Madhavi Nawana Parker and her team collaborate with you to provide solutions for you, your family, school or organisation.

  • Professional Training and Accreditation for Teachers and Allied Health Professionals
  • ‘Thriving Minds,’ Online Wellbeing Program for Primary Schools
  • Parenting workshops and Support Services
  • Behaviour Support & Management Services
  • Child and Youth Counselling
  • Social Emotional Skills Programs
  • Individualised Therapeutic Support
  • Mentoring programs
  • Post Separation Counselling and Support Services
  • Therapeutic Drama Services
  • Therapeutic Kung Fu Services

Our Resources:

Our team is dedicated to supporting and teaching skills for mental health, confidence, social-emotional intelligence and wellbeing. We embrace neurodiversity. We love watching children and teenagers we support climb gently out of their comfort zone, to learn new social emotional skills that serve them for a lifetime.

We practice in Parkside, Eastwood, Unley and Glenunga with new locations being planned soon. We visit schools, regional SA and interstate face to face and online by appointment. Madhavi Nawana Parker speaks across Australia and overseas. 

Jump on our waiting list by emailing or by filling out a form for the specific program you’re interested in here.

Madhavi Nawana Parker children’s counselling ($142.00 – $200.00 plus GST) for both face to face and online services.
Madhavi also sees parents to tailor plans for a happy and connected family. $200 plus GST

Face to face and Online:
Public and Keynote Speaking for Schools, Organisations, Parents and Students on resilience, wellbeing, confidence, mindset and much more based on Madhavi Nawana Parkers’s published works. From $950 plus GST.

Madhavi Nawana Parker wearing a bright colourful shirt and black skirt sitting with hand on knee.
Our senior consultant, Nikki Wadewitz wearing black long sleeved shirt.

Senior Teaching Consultant, seeing children and teenagers for individual and group sessions. Nikki provides a ‘Confident girls on the Autism Spectrum’ group (Thursdays after school) and all of our other SEL programs (‘ The Confident Minds Curriculum,’ ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox’ and What’s the Buzz? in schools.

One on one sessions $142.00 plus GST. Small groups $65.00 (inc GST) per child per session, usually run for 8-16 weeks. Nikki also visits schools using Madhavi Nawana Parker’s latest program, ‘Friendology’ for classrooms, whole year levels and small groups.

Children’s counselling (general and specific to family separation) with James Parker, Counsellor and Developmental Educator. James specialises in helping young people develop self awareness by identifying their strengths and character. From here, they build confidence, social awareness, emotional intelligence and a healthy adjustment to change.

Initial parent intake session $162.00 plus GST. Child Counselling $142.00 plus GST

Children's Counsellor, James Parker standing wearing white collared shirt with arms folded.
Drama teacher, Katie O'Reilly standing wearing a bright teal, blue and peach shirt.

‘Confident Minds,’ Drama group program (& one on one) for emotional intelligence with Katie O’Reilly, teacher and professional actor. Katie brings her creativity and compassionate nature to teaching social emotional confidence through the art of drama and creative play. Students love the opportunity to meet other young people who don’t necessarily want to be on a stage, but feel safe getting out of their comfort zone in a small group where everyone grows at their own unique pace. A great way to build confidence and have fun along the way.

One on One Therapeutic Drama Children sessions are $122 plus GST or $134 for NDIS no GST.

Kung Fu with Nick Bennett.
Our Kung Fu program is offered in small, supportive groups for young children to adults. We teach this gentle skill that builds social emotional literacy in a non competitive and gentle sports environment. Many of our students find relief in our program, where they feel accepted and included, without the pressure to compete and be someone they’re not. Kung Fu offers another way to build social emotional confidence.

One on one Kung Fu sessions with Nick Bennett is $100 plus GST or NDIS $110 no GST.

Kung-Fu Teacher Nick Bennett standing wearing a black t-shirt and glasses, smiling.
The Positive Minds Australia team: Katie, Vashti, Madhavi, Nick, James and Nikki all walking in a line together

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