How we help

Our experienced and professional team of Allied Health Professionals and Teachers, specialise in social emotional wellbeing.

We provide individual, small group, whole class and on site professional development as well as parenting workshops Australia wide.

We can teach your family, school or team how to develop confidence, resilience, wellbeing, connection and mindset tools. Our small groups and individual sessions for parents, children and teenagers specialise in neurodivergence, anxiety management tools, friendship skills, and social emotional wellbeing.

Our books have reopened and our waiting list is open for children aged 3-18 and also for neurodivergent adults who have left school and are seeking counselling and mentoring. Register here:

Leadership Teams and Organisations.

Keynote topics include wellbeing, happiness habits, mindset, resilience, neurodivergence and respectful relationships. Please email with ‘Keynote speaking and professional development’ in the subject line.

How we work with you.

We match your unique needs to our tailored services. We pride ourselves in consistent, compassionate care, delivered by qualified and experienced professionals. We strive for excellence in all areas of service delivery and pride ourselves in a superb track record of client satisfaction and outcomes, delivered in a friendly and down to earth way. We visit Schools and Organisations Australia wide and work online, worldwide.

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Positive Minds Australia is led by Managing Director, Madhavi Nawana Parker who has developed social emotional wellbeing programs since 2000. Madhavi’s programs are published by Routledge, London and are published world wide.

Our team is made up of genuine, authentic and experienced allied health and teaching professionals, who naturally look for and find the best in everyone. 

Our team embraces neurodivergence. We recognise and celebrate our common humanity. Connection is everything to us. 

You will find us in schools and workplaces around Australia and overseas and mostly you will see us in person in at our Unley rooms. Madhavi Nawana Parker presents Workplace Wellbeing and Leadership Keynotes across Australia and overseas. 

If you’d like us to help, we would love to hear from you here.

One off specialist consultations for parents.

Managing Director, Madhavi Nawana Parker provides a one off session for all families new to our service as well as for families with recent diagnoses, new NDIS plans and significant challenges needing a carefully mapped out plan. Madhavi brings over 20 years professional experience and study in social emotional wellbeing  and neurodivergence to these sessions, to help you find the right solutions for your family.

At this first session, Madhavi will help you plan the direction for your child’s therapy, learning and social emotional wellbeing needs. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what direction to head in and what the best next steps are for your child’s mental health and wellbeing, book now for a one hour in person or zoom session with Madhavi, to help you get on the right path moving forward.

Face to face and Online:
Public and Keynote Speaking for Schools, Organisations, Parents and Students on resilience, wellbeing, confidence, mindset and much more based on Madhavi Nawana Parker’s published works.

Madhavi Nawana Parker wearing a bright colourful shirt and black skirt sitting with hand on knee.
Our senior consultant, Nikki Wadewitz wearing black long sleeved shirt.

Nikki brings almost twenty years experience working in schools to teach 8-18 year olds social emotional wellbeing tools in in schools and at our Unley rooms. Nikki’s series of school incursions focus on respectful relationships, anti-bullying, emotional regulation, wellbeing and resilience. Nikki provides a ‘Confidence building’ group for Autistic Girls (Thursdays after school) and all of our other SEL programs (‘ The Confident Minds Curriculum,’ ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox’ and What’s the Buzz? in schools. Nikki facilitates a small, tailored, weekly parenting support and strategy development group for neurodivergent families at our Unley rooms. Nikki is highly regarded as a Public Speaker specialising in Educator Wellbeing, Connected classrooms and Positive Discipline in Schools.


Counsellor and Developmental Educator, James Parker specialises in neurodivergence, school avoidance and school leavers. James helps young people develop self awareness by identifying their strengths and character. From here, they build confidence, social awareness, emotional intelligence and a healthy adjustment to change. James holds a special interest in supporting young people experiencing family separation and brings over twenty years experience in neurodivergence, child development and counselling to our team and consults from our Unley rooms.

Children's Counsellor, James Parker standing wearing white collared shirt with arms folded.
Drama teacher, Katie O'Reilly standing wearing a bright teal, blue and peach shirt.

Katie O’Reilly, Senior Teacher, Social Confidence Specialist and Professional actor, brings her creativity and compassionate nature, to teach social emotional wellbeing tools in a playful and friendly way. Katie specialises in friendship skills and helping young people who struggle with social emotional awareness, emotional regulation and shyness. Katie facilitates a weekly small group school readiness program to teach 3-5 year olds ‘What’s the Buzz?’ social emotional wellbeing tools to prepare them to start school with confidence. Katie holds a special interest in supporting and finding solutions for disadvantaged youth and neurodivergent teenagers.

Nick Bennett provides tailored small group Self defence and Kung Fu programs for teenagers, on a weekly basis after school at our Unley rooms. Nick’s sessions are non competitive, calm, supportive and neuro affirming.

Nick also joins Madhavi Nawana Parker during her Professional Development days providing culture building and wellbeing strategies through Kung Fu and clowning. Nick is a Professional Actor and Kung Fu Teacher who engages easily with his audience through his sense of fun and humour.

Kung-Fu Teacher Nick Bennett standing wearing a black t-shirt and glasses, smiling.

Millie visits Early Learning Centres, Kindergartens and Junior Primary Schools to provide early intervention counselling, social emotional regulation sessions and small ‘What’s the Buzz?’ groups. Millie specialises in Behaviour Support, Anxiety in toddlers and pre schoolers, trauma and Autism. Millie’s warm, friendly and compassionate approach to her clients are an enormous asset to our team. Millie holds a special interest in emotional regulation and anxiety management tools.

Sam Taylor

Sam specialises in behaviour, emotional regulation and anxiety in pre teens and teengers. Sam is passionate about helping teachers and parents get to the bottom of a young person’s challenges around their social emotional wellbeing, visiting a limited number of schools for behavioural observations, individual counselling and small group programs. Sam consults at our Unley rooms once a week. Sam holds a special interest in behaviour and emotions coaching and brings her warm, bubbly and enthusiastic personality to our team and our clients.


Jill Moss

Jill Moss is our behind the scenes talent, who brings a degree in Journalism and Communications combined with her warm and friendly personality to communicate with our clients about their appointments, share updates on their progress on our waiting list and soon, she will be present at our new rooms to greet our lovely clients. Jill cares deeply about our organisation, sharing the vision to provide support and resources as soon and easily as possible to all the families we serve.


Chelsea Lambert

Chelsea manages invoice and NDIS queries for our team and her work as an SSO and studies towards being a Teacher mean that she is full of genuine enthusiasm to support our clients in reaching their social emotional wellbeing goals.

The Positive Minds Australia team: Katie, Vashti, Madhavi, Nick, James and Nikki all walking in a line together

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