Thriving Minds Whole School Online Social Emotional Wellbeing Program for ELC-year 6.

A comprehensive, year long relational health and social emotional wellbeing program, for busy Teachers, Students and Parents that meets the Professional Standards for teachers and most components of the SEL, health and wellbeing requirements in the Australian Curriculum.

A happier, more productive and connected school community starts here.

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What is Thriving Minds?

The ‘Thriving Minds,’ Online Professional Development Content meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, Domain of Professional Knowledge (Standard 1 and 2) and the Domain of Professional Engagement (standard 6 and 7).

Drawing upon Madhavi Nawana Parker’s work with young people and the people who raise, care for and teach them, combined with her expertise as a globally published Author, Thriving Minds provides busy schools with Staff Professional Development, a complete relational health and wellbeing curriculum for R-6 Students and five parent workshops.

Thriving Minds is about Educators, Students and Parents all learning together, in one place, at the press of a button.

Wellbeing and Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for Teachers, Students and Parents

A comprehensive Staff Professional Development experience, complete Student Learning Program from R-6 and parent training program.

Included in your Thriving Minds program:

  • One school year of pre-recorded online classroom lesson content for Students R-6, delivered by Madhavi Nawana Parker, meeting all aspects of the Personal and Social Capability criteria and many aspects of the Health and Physical Education criteria of the Australian Curriculum. Online content is pre recorded and can be offered in short bursts or as longer lessons via the classroom smart board or projector to view together as a whole class.
  • 16 hours equivalent of pre-recorded Online Professional Development, meeting the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, for all Teaching and Education Staff (CPD certificate downloadable on completion) delivered by Madhavi Nawana Parker. This can be viewed at an individual pace or as a group during staff meetings or via dedicated Professional Development days. The Professional Develop allows your team to develop skills in all areas taught in the Student program, to enable a happier and more productive team. It also allows staff to develop a deeper knowledge around thriving, to extend student learning for relational health and wellbeing.
  • Five in depth, pre-recorded online workshops delivered by Madhavi Nawana Parker for all Parents in your school community on how to support children at home to meet the 5 Learning Outcomes and improve their relational health and wellbeing for a happier, more productive experience at school and better connection, communication and happiness at home. These can be viewed by parents in the privacy of their own home or together, as a larger parent community gathering.
  • One free A3 colour poster package for every school enrolled.
  • One free deck of colourful prompt cards to open up deeper staff and student conversations around Relational Health and Wellbeing.
  • Accompanying printed handbooks for all students and all education staff to allow a deeper exploration of online topics and engagement in further proactive and preventative Mental Health and Wellbeing Activities. There is a separate book for years R-3 and years 4-6.
  • Free live webinars for all schools enrolled with Program Director, Madhavi Nawana Parker to discuss content, ask questions and learn more about how to increase a Thrive environment in your school.
    • 2023.Free Webinar dates are: Monday 8th May 2023 10.30am SA time, Tuesday August 8th 2023 10.30am SA time and Monday 6th November 2023 10.30am SA time. Links to these sessions will be sent to registered schools. Attendance is not essential and entirely optional.
  • Pricing is based on the number of students from R-6, the total number of Teachers at your school + a course base fee.


Learning intentions of Thriving Minds

To arrange an invoice or formal quote please, please email with the exact number of students in years R-3, the exact number of students in years 4-6 and the number of Teachers and School Support Officers at your school from years R-6 and we will work it out for you.

Who is Thriving Minds for?
Educators, Students and Parents.

The ‘Thriving Minds’ Online Student Curriculum R-6 contributes to all aspects of the Personal and Social Capability Criteria and most aspects of the Health and Physical Education Criteria in the Australian Curriculum. Staff Professional Development included in the package meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in numerous areas. Parenting workshops equip parents with essential tools to reflect the efforts of teachers at school and simplify and support parenting at home.

ELC/ Kindergarten/ Preschool and Reception. (Foundation) and Years 1 and 2.

Personal, Social and Community Health

Being healthy safe and active, identifying personal strengths, communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing, understand feelings.

Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing

Understand strengths, strategies to handle uncomfortable emotions, solve problems with friends, recognise ways to build and practice wellbeing, emotional self awareness and warning signs.

Years 3 and 4

Personal Social and Community Health: Being Healthy, safe and active

Explore factors supporting personal achievement and identity, respond positively to failure and challenges through self-talk, early help-seeking behaviours and optimism, persistence, building confidence through competence and persisting through challenges, understand changes in friendships and mutual respect in friendships for safe playground play.

Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing

Respect, valuing diversity, empathy, social awareness, personal responsibility, recognising the variants in bullying behaviour

Investigate how emotional responses vary in depth and strength

Recognising own emotions in different situation, emotional self awareness of triggers and reactions, developing emotional regulation strategies to manage emotions instead of reacting and making a poor decision.

Years 5 and 6

Personal, Social and Community Health: Communicating and Interacting for Health and Wellbeing

Skills to establish and manage healthy relationships, understand mutually respectful relationships, handling bullying, not being a bully.

Examine the influence of emotional responses on behaviour and relationships

Analyse and Role Play situations in which emotions can influence decision-making, including in peer-group, family and movement situations, explore why emotions are unpredictable and how they vary according the situation.

Contributing to healthy and active communities

Understand social connection, support and belonging for promoting mental health and wellbeing, understand the value of diversity on community wellbeing, explore ways to create safe and inclusive schools for minority groups.

The ‘Thriving Minds,’ Online Professional Development Content meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Madhavi Nawana Parker

Founder, Positive Minds Australia
Madhavi Nawana Parker wearing a bright colourful shirt and black skirt sitting with hand on knee.

It’s time to take the guess work out, along with all the hours of planning. Join the ‘Thriving Minds Community,’ now so your school can be happier and more productive in 2023 and beyond.

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To arrange an invoice or quote, please email with the exact number of students in years R-3, the exact number of students in years 4-6 and the number of Teachers and School Support Officers at your school from years R-6 and we will work it out for you.

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