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Madhavi Nawana Parker is a widely recognised and dynamic speaker on a broad range of topics including ‘9 Principles for Confidence,’ ‘Wellbeing,’ ‘Resilience,’ ‘Children’s Friendships and Social-Emotional skills,’ ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders,’ ‘Big feelings in children and teenagers’ ‘Positive Mindsets in the workplace,’ ‘Wellbeing at work and much more.

Nikki Wadewitz, our Senior Teaching Consultant brings over a decade of experience working in schools, with teachers and young people to her Professional Development sessions in schools where she trains teaching staff as well as young people. Nikki has a uniquely warm, compassionate, and insightful enthusiasm that keeps her audience engaged and eager to build and practice new skills. Topics include Staff Wellbeing, Confident Mindsets, Resilience, Friendship Skills, Kindness, and Compassion for students.

Nikki Wadewitz is broadly recognised for her excellence in professional speaking with children and teenagers in whole class and whole year level assemblies on a broad range of topics based on Madhavi Nawana Parker’s published works.

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The following list of topics are ready for presentation at symposiums, conferences and events.


Practical, research based tools to build resilience and prepare you for life’s ups and downs.


Learn practical research based wellbeing tools and habits to implement in your home, school, and workplace to feel better, think sharper, and avoid burnout.

Positive Discipline for homes and classrooms

Practical, evidence based tools that improve relationships in homes and schools to build the necessary foundation for effective discipline. Strategies for communicating boundaries and values, responding to children’s difficult feelings, and knowing what to do instead of punishment and control.

The Autism Spectrum

Understand how Autism affects thinking, feeling, and behaviour. Learn practical tools that build social emotional literacy and resilience skills to support young people on the Autism Spectrum to reach their potential.

Anxiety and Worry in Children and Teenagers

All children experience some degree of anxiety and worry. This session will help parents and teachers learn to respond in a way that doesn’t further inflame the situation and reduce destructive thinking patterns and improve resilience and wellbeing.

Life education

This workshop helps primary school parents and teachers understand how and when to talk about healthy relationships and sexuality. It is by no means offered as an alternative to the current programs offered in schools. It provides complimentary information focused on how to nourish a child’s mindset around healthy relationships, self respect, respect for others.

Professional Training and Accreditation Days

Learn how to deliver Madhavi Nawana Parker’s practical programs in your School or Allied Health Care setting to build resilience, wellbeing, Confidence, and Social skills in young people. A great day with Madhavi Nawana Parker. For more information, check out our Events Calendar. A limited number of Accreditation Days are offered per year and bookings fill up quickly.

Middle school and high school cool

No matter what we say to young people about not caring about what others think, this is the age where they care the most. During this period of psychological change and growth, pre-teens and teenagers want to fit in. They often feel caught between their family values and their social group values. This workshop will help you understand what’s going through their minds, how to help, and the importance of staying connected.

Transition to school

Starting school is a big step in the lives of young children. This practical workshop will teach how you can provide the best social emotional literacy and resilience foundation for a great start to school. Suitable for Parents and Teaching staff.

Starting middle and high school

This practical workshop will give you an insight into the minds of this age group, how best to respond to their social and emotional needs and prepare them for the next stage of their education.

Social media and technology addiction

Is your child hooked on their device? This workshop will explain how easily they can get hooked and how to turn things around, step by step by establishing the firm, fair and age-appropriate boundaries.

Social emotional literacy and Friendship skills

Learn how to teach young people how to get along with others, manage their feelings, and grow in self-confidence and resilience.

Presentations for Workplaces with Madhavi Nawana Parker:

  • Staff Wellbeing.
  • Compassionate and Purposeful Leadership.
  • Your Mindset at Work.

Workshops for students

Presented by Madhavi Nawana Parker to classes, year levels and when appropriate, whole school assemblies.

Are you controlling your device or is your device controlling you?

Understand why it’s hard to ignore social media, text messages and other awesome things on your device. You’ll learn how to enjoy time with and without your device so your wellbeing, learning, friendships, family relationships, sports and hobbies continue to flourish.

Getting along with everyone

This workshop will teach you how to respond to conflict, tricky friendships and different personalities, while keeping your integrity and self confidence in tact.

Starting Middle School/High School

Take this opportunity to talk about what this next stage of school is all about. You’ll learn what to expect and how to respond to challenges with friends as well as with learning. You’ll learn valuable stress management tools that will last you a lifetime.


Understanding the Growth Mindset

How to use a growth mindset to cope with procrastination, homework, learning challenges, managing workload so your wellbeing and resilience thrives.


How to turn things around if you are a bully and what to do if you are getting bullied. This workshop teaches a compassionate mindset. In classes, this workshop is helpful for repairing difficult relationships and starting fresh when bullying has been part of the class culture.


Understanding difference and diversity to create a warm, compassionate and connected school community.

Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator

Madhavi has an outstanding reputation as a dynamic speaker. She has a natural communication style that uses storytelling, humour and practical guidance.

From all the topics, presentations can be tailored to your agenda.

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I attended Madhavi's group on wellbeing and resilience and it was honestly the best seminar on raising children that I have been to! Madhavi has a brilliant way of making the content relevant to everyone in the room and she gives so much practical advice and helpful tips that you leave being much better equipped to deal with the challenges that comes with being a parent!

Jody Williamson

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