Positive Minds excels in social-emotional literacy which has been built into a diversity of effective programs.

We offer programs in social-emotional literacy, resilience, drama, kung fu and art.

All our programs are offered in small, relaxed and inclusive groups facilitated by qualified professionals in local community centres and schools by appointment.

Self-managed NDIS families are more than welcome to access all Positive Minds Australia programs with their funding.

The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox, What’s the Buzz social-emotional literacy programs, and The Positive Mindset curriculum are tailored uniquely for young people to learn in a warm, supportive and inclusive environment.

All Positive Minds Australia Programs are evidence based and linked to the SEL framework.

Programs we run

The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox program

Madhavi Nawana Parker, Routledge, London 2016

Facilitated by teacher Nikki Harmer Wadewitz, after school on Mondays in Glenunga with new openings coming soon.

This program is run in small groups over 16 weeks to teach valuable social emotional literacy skills to build resilience and wellbeing in young people. Skills are taught explicitly and include handling feelings more confidently, problem solving, goal setting, being a good friend and developing gratitude and optimism.

For more information see the The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox book

‘What’s the Buzz?’ social-emotional literacy programs

Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker, 2019

All three social emotional literacy programs are available. They are suitable for junior primary, primary and middle to high school. Programs run for 16 weeks and teach valuable skills in self awareness, getting along with others, handling difficult feelings and being an empathetic and communicative companion. For more information see

The Positive Mindset Curriculum

Madhavi Nawana Parker, Routledge, London 2011, 2015, 2019

Available in schools and community centres from late 2019—early 2020 through Madhavi Nawana Parker, Nikki Harmer Wadewitz and James Parker.

Individual counselling and social emotional literacy sessions

Facilitated by James Parker, Child and Youth Counsellor and Developmental Educator

Sessions offered on a Monday in Fullarton, in schools and regional by appointment. Additional openings in late 2019.

Drama with Katie O’Reilly, actor and teacher

Wednesdays after school at Mitcham

Weekly, small group classes are tailored for young people to gently build their social emotional literacy and self confidence skills through drama in a relaxed, inclusive environment. Drama is available in schools by appointment.

Kung Fu with Nick Bennett, actor and kung fu teacher

Wednesdays after school at Eastwood

Weekly, small group classes for young people. These sessions are offered in a warm, relaxed and inclusive environment for any young person looking to build their self confidence and strengths through gentle kung fu instruction and play.

Yoga for pre teens and teens with Leah Braun, Yoga Teacher

Coming soon, late 2019

Weekly classes to reduce anxiety and improve wellbeing for pre teens and teens in a warm, supportive and inclusive environment in community centres after school and in school by appointment.

Therapeutic art classes (with a qualified early childhood teacher TBC)

Coming soon, late 2019

Weekly classes for 4 years and up to build self confidence through creative expression in a warm, relaxed and inclusive environment.

The information in the workshop blew my mind. I’ve done lots of reading and courses in parenting but this was different. Madhavi suggested practical tools that will last across the whole parenting journey, for different ages and stages. She understands the demands of parenting used examples from her own parenting and clinical experience.

Ondrea Ballinger

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