Small group training at our Unley rooms and Class Incursions at your School.

Positive Minds Australia excels in delivering authentic, evidence based Wellbeing, Social-Emotional Literacy, Resilience and Confidence programs in small groups at our Unley rooms and in Kindergartens, ELCS and Schools. Whether it’s social emotional wellbeing, anxiety support, help after family separation or parenting children through difficult times, our small groups are tailored and allow fantastic opportunities to develop and practice skills with other people, who are going through the same challenges. Groups allow a sense of belonging and connection which are crucial for happiness and wellbeing. Class incursions help students develop skills together that they can apply straight away in the yard and classroom. 

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We provide small group programs in Wellbeing, Resilience, Friendships Skills, Confidence and Social Emotional Literacy as well as whole class incursions

We love facilitating groups at our Unley rooms so your child or teenager can learn the skills with one of our practitioners, with their peers and practice the skills together in a warm and friendly environment.

We also visit schools, ELCs and Kindergartens, working with whole classes, year levels and small targeted groups, to build cultures of connection, kindness, empathy, emotional regulation, wellbeing and happiness. Our topics meet the Social Capabilities, Health and Wellbeing components of The Australian Curriculum.

For private clients with NDIS funding, our one on one consultations in our rooms and within schools, can be paid for easily by self-managed NDIS funds. For plan managed private clients, please ask your plan manager if our services fit in with your plan. Our programs fit under NDIS guidelines for Counselling, Social Skills Training, Capacity Building, and Positive Behaviour Support. 

Our small group programs and class incursions in ELCs, Kindergartens and Schools meet the Social Capabilities,
Health and Wellbeing requirements of the Australian Curriculum and are ready to roll out by experienced, qualified and friendly professionals.

Topics include:

How to be a fantastic friend.

Friendship is a crucial foundation for a young person’s happiness and resilience. Knowing how to be a great friend is a skill that will last a lifetime. Students will learn essential tools to be their best at friendship through this series of three class workshops.

Getting along with your Peers.

This workshop teaches students how to respond to conflict, tricky friendships and different personalities, while keeping their integrity and self confidence in tact. Students will learn essential tools to handle the ups and downs of friendship, through this series of three class workshops.

Emotions, notice them, understand them and handle them like a Pro.

Students learn essential Emotional Intelligence Tools to be more self aware and other aware. They learn how to cope with and respond to their emotions in a constructive and calm way. Students will learn essential tools to understand, cope with and manage their emotions, through this series of three class workshops.

Are you controlling your device or is your device controlling you?

Understand why it’s hard to ignore social media, text messages and other awesome things on your device. You’ll learn how to enjoy time with and without your device so your wellbeing, learning, friendships, family relationships, sports and hobbies continue to flourish.

Starting Middle School/High School

No matter what we say to young people about not caring about what others think, this is the age where they care the most. During this period of psychological change and growth, pre-teens and teenagers want to fit in. They often feel caught between their family values and their social group values. This workshop will help students understand what’s going through their minds and the importance of staying connected to their values. We take this opportunity to talk about what this next stage of school is all about. Students learn what to expect and how to respond to challenges with friends as well as with learning. Students learn valuable stress management tools that will last a lifetime.

Understanding the Growth Mindset

How to use a growth mindset to cope with procrastination, homework, learning challenges, managing workload so your wellbeing and resilience thrives. Students will learn essential tools to develop a Growth Mindset, through this series of three class workshops.


How to turn things around if you are a bully and what to do if you are getting bullied. This workshop teaches a compassionate mindset. This workshop is helpful for repairing difficult relationships and starting fresh when bullying has been part of the class culture. Students will learn essential tools to understand, cope with and manage bullying, through this series of three class workshops.


Understanding Neurodivergence to create a warm, compassionate and connected school community.

Classes in schools can also be offered using Madhavi Nawana Parker’s published works:

‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox,’ ‘What’s the Buzz social-emotional literacy programs’, and ‘The Confident Minds Curriculum’, are taught to Whole Classes and small targeted groups, to help students develop essential life skills for getting along with others, handling their feelings responsibly and confidently and improving self awareness and social awareness.

All Positive Minds Australia Programs are evidence-based and linked to The Australian Curriculum. We would love to be help you ticking the boxes on your Wellbeing and Social Capabilities Curriculum requirements. 

Small groups at our Unley rooms and Class incursions in Schools based on Madhavi Nawana Parker's published works.

The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox: Building Character and Competence through Life’s ups and Downs.

By Madhavi Nawana Parker, Routledge, London 2016 and second ed 2019

This program is run in small , targeted groups over 16 weeks to teach valuable skills to build resilience and wellbeing in young people. Skills are taught explicitly and include handling feelings more confidently, problem solving, goal setting, being a good friend and developing gratitude and optimism.

Whole classes benefit from ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox,’ being delivered across 5 visits to your school, by one of our Trained Facilitators, targeting one year level at a time.

For more information, please see the ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox’  in our ‘books’ section.

‘What’s the Buzz?’ social-emotional literacy programs

Written by Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2023.

All three ‘What’s the Buzz’ social emotional literacy programs are available through Positive Minds Australia. They are suitable for junior primary, primary, and middle to high school. Programs run for 16 weeks and teach valuable skills in self-awareness, getting along with others, handling difficult feelings, and being an empathetic and communicative companion.

Whole classes benefit from ‘What’s the Buzz,’ being delivered across 5 class visits to your school, by one of our trained facilitators, targeting one year level at a time.

‘The Confident Minds  Curriculum.’

By Madhavi Nawana Parker, Routledge, London  2019

What we think really matters. Thoughts lead to corresponding emotions and those emotions lead to behaviours that are pro social or anti social. ‘The Confident Minds Curriculum’ teaches valuable mindset tools for 8 years and upwards on Getting Along with Peers, Developing Compassion, Gratitude, Problem Solving and much more.

Whole classes benefit from, ‘The Confident Minds Curriculum,’ being delivered across 5 visits to your school, by one of our trained facilitators, targeting one year level at a time.

Individual counselling and mentoring for young people on the Autism Spectrum during and after Family Separation. 

James Parker, Child, and Youth Counsellor and Developmental Educator

Brings over twenty years of experience working with young people, to help them adjust and cope with changes to their family structure and challenges at school. James consults in our Unley Rooms on Mondays and Tuesdays.


The information in the workshop blew my mind. I’ve done lots of reading and courses in parenting but this was different. Madhavi suggested practical tools that will last across the whole parenting journey, for different ages and stages. She understands the demands of parenting used examples from her own parenting and clinical experience.

Ondrea Ballinger

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