Child and Youth Counselling

Counselling sessions for young people aged 4 and up, to help with the ups and downs of life. Our specialisations include difficulty with Friendships, Emotional Regulation Challenges, Anger Management, Behavioural Difficulties, Mindset obstacles and Family Separation.

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Counselling with James Parker

Counselling is tailored to meet the unique and individual needs of every child. 

James specialises in Counselling and Developmental Education. James has a special interest in Counselling young people during difficult life stages. James also mentors teenagers and young adults to manage learning challenges, set realistic goals, and understand their options with SACE, VET, and post-school options, to help them stay confident in their strengths and future in Education and the Workplace.

School visits.

Whole class workshops, small targeted social skills and confidence building groups and counselling are offered in a limited number of schools each year with Madhavi Nawana Parker, Nikki Wadewitz and Katie O’Reilly. Positive Minds Australia currently visit Pulteney Grammar School, Scotch College and St John Grammar School on a weekly basis to support Students and Parents.

James is a Developmental Educator and Child & Youth Counsellor at Positive Minds Australia.

James holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Disability Studies from Flinders University and has full membership with Developmental Educators Australia Inc. A firm believer in life-long learning, James is currently studying a Masters in Education.

With 20 years of experience in state government, local government and non-government organisations, James has provided counselling and support for children with developmental disabilities, indigenous youth in residential care, unaccompanied child asylum seekers and children with disabilities in alternative care. For the last 10 years, James has specialised in supporting children and young people from separated families experiencing high conflict and family violence.

James offers a friendly and supportive service focusing on client strengths while valuing children’s unique personality and individual perspective. He is a strong believer in active learning, providing relationships counselling that is rich in visual support, social interaction and sustained conversation.

James takes every opportunity to follow children’s interests, building upon the client’s existing knowledge while sustaining a high level of engagement. He holds a positive and optimistic view of human nature, focusing on how individual’s perceive and interpret events. His ultimate goal is to enhance children’s understanding of empathy, kindness and compassion, to help all his clients build and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships.

James offers one on one counselling in schools on request as well as a limited number of  regional trips per school term as part of his outreach service.

Madhavi has such a warm and friendly presence, she gave so many helpful and practical ways to help my students. I can’t wait to get back and put her knowledge into my practice.

Talia Frankie Zellmer

Teacher, Dept of Education, SA

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