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Individual and Group Coaching for Schools and Organisations. Topics can be tailored to your needs. Madhavi’s specialisations include Coaching in communication, connection, wellbeing, imposter syndrome, mindset and compassion.

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Tailored professional coaching

Professional coaching sessions with Madhavi Nawana Parker.

Madhavi Nawana Parker has a successful Professional Track record of over two decades and currently leads a team of connected, productive professionals. If you feel like you could do with a reset and reboot on workplace related challenges, Madhavi meets with a limited number of Professionals each year to provide tailored Coaching.

Find out how to use your personal and professional strengths to overcome challenges in the workplace. Problem solve together with Madhavi to reach your professional goals and develop a positive mindset in the process.

You connected with us as teachers and colleagues and as parents and family members. I can use so much of what you spoke about personally and professionally to continue to make a difference.

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The Positive Minds Australia team work regularly in schools consulting and delivering programs. Managing Director, Madhavi Nawana Parker and Senior Teachers, Nikki Wadewitz and Katie O’Reilly have close working partnerships as visiting Consultants with schools including Pulteney Grammar School and Scotch College for over a decade. The Positive Minds Australia Team will join St John Grammar School’s ‘Wellnest,’ in 2023 to deliver weekly programs to their students, while continuing their work at Pulteney Grammar School and Scotch College, Adelaide and at our rooms. 

Work with Madhavi Nawana Parker face to face and online to understand your child’s behaviour and build strategies for a happy, connected and cooperative home. Parent Coaching is offered in a package of three sessions. Please email to go on Madhavi’s waiting list. 

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