Nikki Wadewitz

Nikki holds a Degree in Primary School Teaching and is currently studying Psychology at University. Nikki specialises in confidence, resilience, and social – emotional skills training.

Nikki is known for her warm and genuine enthusiasm for every young person she works with. Her natural optimism in their futures and ability to find the strengths in each one of them, makes her not only a highly valued therapist but an enormous source of comfort and connection for the families she works with. Nikki specialises in working with whole classes in schools, equipping students with tools to understand and regulate their emotions, as well as learn essential tools for getting along with others, build confidence, resilience, and wellbeing.

Nikki’s school visits are offered in packages of three sessions per class, to enable her to fully develop skills in the chosen area. Nikki will often return to schools at their request, for more sessions to further develop skills in whole classes. Small, tailored groups in schools are also available on request.

At Eastwood Community Centre, Nikki specialises in helping a small group of Autistic children and teenagers, by providing a unique confidence building program in a safe and supportive environment. At our rooms, Nikki provides individual, tailored sessions to help young people and their families. Nikki meets parents/ carers first, without the child, followed by 5 initial individual child sessions. After this, Nikki will plan with families the next steps, which may include group work, more individual work or the end of programming, when outcomes have been met.

Nikki holds training and accreditation to deliver all of Madhavi Nawana Parker’s evidence-based programs to teach Resilience, Confidence and Social Emotional Literacy including, ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox,’ ‘The Confident Minds Curriculum,’ and ‘What’s the Buzz?’. Nikki Wadewitz can be contacted at

Consulting on Thursdays in our Unley rooms and at various schools Monday – Wednesday.

Nikki’s Confident Autistic Girls group runs on Thursdays after school in Eastwood.

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Our senior consultant, Nikki Wadewitz wearing black long sleeved shirt.