James Parker

James brings over 20 years of professional work in Counselling and Developmental Education, specialising in Autism, Learning difficulties and Family Separation. James completes his Masters Degree in Education in early 2023.

James is known for his calm, friendly and carefully considered approach to Counselling. His natural curiosity, breadth of knowledge and experience, combined with his genuine ability to hold the best interests of his clients to heart, makes James an excellent support at a young person’s time of need. James provides confidential counselling, using a tailored, play and strengths-based approach. He teaches coping and emotional regulation skills and specialises in mentoring young people during challenges related to learning, family separation and adapting to life in a blended family.

James consults at our rooms on Mondays and Tuesdays, providing individual, tailored sessions to help young people and their families. James meets parents/ carers first, without the child, followed by 5 initial individual child sessions. After this, James will plan with families the next steps, which may include group work, more individual work or the end of programming, when outcomes have been met. James can be contacted at james@positivemindsaustralia.com.au


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Children's Counsellor, James Parker standing wearing white collared shirt with arms folded.