Solutions to improve mental health and wellbeing in families, schools and organisations.

Positive Minds Australia specialises in tailored individual, group and online programs to improve confidence, resilience, wellbeing and social-emotional literacy in families, schools and organisations.

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Illustration of two figures on a ladder. one holds the ladder while the other climbs. Illustration by Charlotte Ager.

Online Program #1:

‘Thriving Minds: A program connecting Teachers, Students and Parents to Deliver Wellbeing, Resilience and Happiness,’ by Madhavi Nawana Parker © 2021.

Course 1 for Teachers: Thriving in the Classroom. Foundation Skills for Teachers.

Course 2 for Parents: Thriving at Home. Pathways to a more Connected Family

Course 3 for Students: Thriving at home and school.

More programs coming soon…

"Madhavi has given me valuable tools to help children improve their resilience. I feel totally inspired and motivated to do the absolute best I can to help with not only their academic achievements, but with their life skills as well."

Kate Dodd


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Staying stuck in a problem hurts. This is an instructional practical poster designed to teach children how to be a solution star and find ways to solve their problems.

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Positive Minds staff are specialists in working with children and young people and the systems that support them, including schools, families and health care providers, building wellbeing, resilience, positive mindsets and healthy team relationships.