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Madhavi Nawana Parker, Director of Positive Minds Australia is a widely Published Author and co author of resilience, confidence and social-emotional intelligence books and programs implemented across Australia and Overseas. Madhavi’s published work includes, ‘The Confident Minds Curriculum,’ ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox,’ and ‘What’s the Buzz? A social emotional literacy program.’

Madhavi’s expertise is often sought by various Parenting and Education magazines and she is a regular Podcast and Radio guest, advising on Parenting, Education and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Madhavi combines her compassionate knowledge and commitment to her field with studies in Psychology, Counselling and over two decades of professional work in schools and organisations with young people and families, to lead Positive Minds Australia in their commitment to improved wellbeing, resilience, confidence and thriving for all.

Madhavi provides a broad range of Professional Development opportunities in Corporate and Education settings on topics including Wellbeing, Mindset and Stress Management. Madhavi provides counselling and social emotional skills training for young people and adults at her Unley rooms.

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Madhavi's most sought after presentations

‘Resilience, confidence and wellbeing: tips and tricks to help children grow from life’s ups and downs.’ 

We all want our children to grow up with healthy levels of confidence, resilience and wellbeing. While no one is confident or resilient all the time, being able to respond to life’s challenges with confidence, resilience and a growth mindset will help your child throughout their lives. Madhavi will explain what confidence, resilience and wellbeing are (and aren’t) and take you through practical tools based on her book, ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox,’ including how to problem solve, manage emotions, set goals, be grateful and much more. Madhavi’s tools are easy to implement, evidence-based and delivered in a highly engaging way. You can read more about Madhavi’s work and published works here:

‘Big feelings in families: how to help and stay connected.’

If you struggle knowing how to respond when your child experiences difficult feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy and worry, you’re not alone. One of the hardest things in a family is to support your child’s emotions and psychological growth while juggling the competing demands of daily life. In her usual down-to-earth and practical way, Madhavi will explain the ‘why’ of children and teenager’s feelings and the ‘how’ of responding calmly so you stay connected and support the growth of their long-term emotional intelligence.

Madhavi Nawana Parker is a widely published author of Confidence, Resilience, Wellbeing and Social Emotional Literacy books who has worked with families and schools for over two decades. She is Director of Positive Minds Australia

The Confident Parenting Blueprint.

Children are often observing adults and how they respond to life’s ups and downs. Learn ways to manage your own emotions, improve your own confidence in parenting through family connection, provide positive discipline and begin constructive conversations with your children, so your family can thrive.

Emotionally Intelligent families

We teach our children physical hygiene and independent living skills, but what about emotional hygiene? Understanding your own and other people’s feelings is what emotional intelligence is all about and is crucial for getting along well with others. Being emotionally aware, sets you up for deeper connection with others, stronger empathy increasing your likelihood of overall success. Madhavi Nawana Parker will teach you how to become a more emotionally intelligent family in this practical session.

Parent wellbeing: How to manage your stress so you can get the most out of parenting. 

Raising a family and supporting your children’s needs can come at the expense of your own wellbeing. The competing demands of life, the mental load, family discipline and keeping up with your children and teenager’s needs can increase your stress, leaving you overwhelmed, physically and emotionally depleted and perhaps a little grumpy. Madhavi Nawana Parker will teach practical tools to get on top of the challenges so you can truly love and get the most out of parenting, in an environment of connection and joy.

Raising your daughter confidently through the ups and downs of pre teen and teen life.

In this practical session, Madhavi Nawana Parker, Director of Positive Minds Australia, Published Author and Counsellor, will help you understand why your daughter is more likely to have challenges in the pre teen and teen years with family life and friendships.  Madhavi will equip you with tools to stay connected and support your daughter’s confidence, resilience and wellbeing through the ups and downs of this developmental stage.

Madhavi also speaks about

  • ‘Children’s worry and what to do about it’
  • ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders’
  • ‘Girls on the Autism Spectrum’
  • ‘Positive Mindsets’
  • ‘Confident Mindsets’
  • ‘Supporting children through friendship glitches and bullying’And much more! Madhavi tailors the topic to your schools’ or parenting group’s needs.

Madhavi Nawana Parker’s half and full day training on all of her books, allows you to easily implement their practical strategies in your school and allied health care setting. Madhavi can visit your school face to face or online and you may also wish to join her on a private accreditation day.