What’s the Buzz? Online Accreditation & Training Day


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‘What’s the Buzz?’  is a social-emotional literacy program and become an accredited facilitator with Madhavi Nawana Parker.

If you’ve been curious about how to run, ‘What’s the Buzz?’ for your school or allied health care setting, Madhavi Nawana Parker, Managing Director and co author of ‘What’s the Buzz?’ brings over 20 years of professional experience working with young people, families, schools and health care settings to your Training Day.

Madhavi Nawana Parker teaches the tricks of the trade and you will be walking out all set to deliver this globally published program that meets the criteria of the Australian Health Curriculum and is super easy and fun to use.

Be welcomed with beautiful coffee and a nutritious and delicious morning tea and lunch together with Madhavi Nawana Parker and other like minded attendees who want the very best for the mental health and wellbeing of the next generation.