The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox – Second Edition. (2019)


An updated guide for teachers, educators and health professionals.

The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox book cover: three children with a toolbox 2nd Edition

A complete curriculum to use in Classrooms, Small groups and Allied Health Care settings, teaching essential life skills to improve resilience and wellbeing in students 7 and up.

What’s inside?

Chapter One:  Gratitude, Optimism and Perspective.

Chapter Two: Character, Values and Integrity.

Chapter Three: Empathy and Belonging.

Chapter Four: Problem Solving.

Chapter Five: Managing Emotions.

Chapter Six: Learning through mistakes using a Growth Mindset.

Chapter Seven: Persistence, Motivation and Self Efficacy.

Chapter Eight: Goal Setting.

Every child and teenager wants their life to work out. During life’s inevitable ups and downs, young people need to coping tools to enjoy a more resilient and confident life, with healthy wellbeing. This book shows them just how to do that.

Who it’s for? Educators, Allied Health and Health Professionals, Parents and Carers.

Let this book tick the boxes you need in the Social Capabilities, Health and Wellbeing Curriculums.

Packed with lessons on Gratitude, Optimism, Values, Empathy, Getting along with others, Problem solving, Managing Emotions, Embracing mistakes, Persistence, and Goal setting. With parent tips at the end of each chapter, families can easily help their child embed these skills more deeply.