The Confident Minds Curriculum (2019)


By Madhavi Nawana Parker.


Creating a Culture of Personal Growth and Social Awareness

A practical curriculum for schools, health care settings and families to reset and teach confident thinking tools. Suitable for ages 7 and up.

Why this book? Our thoughts matter. What you think about, creates a mood or feeling. That mood or feeling will effect how you behave next. This book teaches vital thinking schools to young people. All strategies can also be used by parents, teachers and anyone delivering the program. This one is not just for the students. Tick your requirements in the Social Capabilities, Health and Wellbeing Criteria of the Australian Curriculum with this practical handbook.

What’s inside?

Chapter One: Healthy Relationships.

Chapter Two: Compassion.

Chapter Three: Taming your inner critic.

Chapter Four: Using emotional intelligence to disagree gracefully.

Chapter Five: Optimism: How to pay attention to what’s going well.

Chapter Six: Problem solving and decision making.

Chapter Seven: Managing challenging feelings constructively and responsibly.

Chapter Eight: Wellbeing to uphold a confident mindset.

Who it’s for? Educators, Parents, Psychologists, Counsellors and anyone guiding confident thinking in others.