Increased confidence, optimism and self awareness in 21 days.

Why this book? A simple way children, teenagers and adults can clear the clutter in their mind and reset it with constructive thoughts and behaviours. Get ready to emerge with greater confidence, optimism and wellbeing. Super easy, takes just 5 minutes a day and yes, you can write straight into it.

Who it’s for? Currently being used by Psychologists, Counsellors and Families. Educators are including it as a whole school Wellbeing, Confidence and Optimism program for ages 8 and up which is also a Wellbeing program for staff to build their own wellbeing, confidence and optimism. An all rounder.

An affordable, accessible self-paced, practical program written for children, teenagers and adults; to build confidence, optimism and resilience for the ups and downs of life.

Now is perhaps the most relevant and valuable time to grow these skills. Building from within is an investment for your long term health, wellbeing and life satisfaction.

‘Sanguine,’ took 12 months to create, simplify & fine tune so all it takes the reader, is a few minutes a day, over 21 days, to develop knowledge and skills to soar.

Madhavi Nawana Parker has been waiting 20 years to release a book like this that combines her studies, professional practice, knowledge and evidence based tools in a tight and teeny little package that anyone 7 and up can dive into.