Leah Braun

Yoga Teacher

She can help build young people’s self confidence by teaching positive self talk, body and mind awareness and other wellbeing practices. Long term, Leah will work with parents and pre teens/ teens together. She is looking forward to joining Madhavi later in 2019 for parent and teacher wellbeing retreats for managing stress and developing a positive mindset for handling the challenges associated with living and working with young people.

“Everyone can do yoga because yoga is about learning how your body and mind works and how you can use them both to your advantage. It’s not just about doing the cool poses, it’s so much more.

“I used to be quite a snappy and angry teen – and it wasn’t until I found yoga at 19 when I was able to control my emotions. Any emotion CAN be controlled with the help of yoga and meditation. All you have to do is give it a go and have faith in yourself!”

On request, Leah can visit your school to teach wellbeing and yoga to small groups or classes of pre teens and teenagers.

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