Confident parenting to raise resilient, cooperative and happy children


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Practical tools for parents to get past overwhelm, stress and conflict. Parent for peace & long term outcomes like resilience & wellbeing.

With so many conflicting ideas out there about how to raise a family, it’s no wonder parents are confused about what to do when their child is uncooperative, misbehaving and emotionally explosive. Learn how to tune back in with your gut feelings, manage your emotions, cope with stress and most importantly, build lifelong connections with your child that strengthen their resilience, happiness and wellbeing. Madhavi Nawana Parker will teach you in a small, relaxed group, how to bring joy into parenting, guide better behaviour and feel calmer and more relaxed about family life. Excessive conflict between children and parents can cause long term rifts and impact on a child’s resilience and wellbeing. In three hours you will learn the why and how of a healthy parent child relationship without compromising on clear boundaries. This is a rare opportunity to work with Madhavi in a private setting and get your family back on track. Leah Braun will join you for a break to teach you mindfulness and presence strategies to cope with your emotions. Tickets are very limited and usually fill quickly.