Educator Wellbeing (Mount Barker Community CCC)


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Why this book? For over 20 years working in schools, Madhavi Nawana Parker has observed Educators work tirelessly to support the Academic, Social and Psychological growth of their Students. This has more often than not occurred at the expense of their personal Wellbeing. Globally, we hold Education in such high regard, so it felt logical to Madhavi to write a book upholding the people delivering Education, in the highest regard. ‘Educator Wellbeing,’ provides practical, accessible and easy to implement solutions that can be applied from the pre service Educator stage to any time throughout your career. Designed to help sustain Educators in all stages of their career to reduce burn out and continue their purposeful careers, feeling well, energised and optimistic.


Who it’s for? Teachers, School Support Officers, Principals, School Counsellors, Administration, School Psychologists and anyone working in schools. Most wellbeing practices can easily be adapted for students. While written in context of schools, is also relevant for parents, health professionals and anyone wanting to build confidence, wellbeing and resilience.